Launching Adaptive Analysis Newsletter

The journey down the rabbit hole continues

Ciao gentlemen, ladies, and digital entities.

Here marks the start of the Adaptive Analysis newsletter.

The plan here is to publish a weekly/bi-weekly newsletter that puts some top-tier analysis on the both the latest and evergreen topics in cryptocurrencies markets and blockchain technology.

Why a newsletter?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain incorporate a lot of different fields. Economics, computer science, psychology, sociology, and cryptography to name but a few. This often results in people overcomplicating concepts and confusing those who have a genuine interest in learning. If you ask ten so-called experts what is blockchain, you will get ten mind-boggling answers. This newsletter aims to provide understandable and actionable insights focused on a number of the important developments and concepts regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

How will the newsletter be structured?

We will likely be playing around for a while with how the newsletter is structured and seeing what works and what doesn’t. As an initial plan, we will likely be covering the following areas in the newsletter:

  • Developments on the technicals and fundamentals of bitcoin

  • A breakdown of the latest news causing a stir (e.g. recent examples would be JPM coin and Zcash changing the name of their company to the Electric Car Company 🙄)

  • A short simplification of a complicated concept. My vision here is that people can make requests when the newsletter becomes more popular. I strongly believe things are overcomplicated in this industry so a short piece at the end of each newsletter breaking some of the key concepts down to the need-to-know essentials may provide a lot of value.

Who/what even is Adaptive Analysis?

How rude not to have done a proper introduction. Adaptive Analysis is a business that produces content and research that analyses cryptocurrency technology and the markets. We have worked with a number of clients in the industry ranging from startups to public limited companies. At the moment, it is a one-person team but all going well in 2019, we can expand to take on more clients and make a bigger mark on the industry.

If there is anything specific you want to hear in the newsletter, @ us on twitter @AdaptiveIO.

First newsletter will be released next week. Stay tuned!