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I will be at the Global Mining Leaders Summit 2019 in Chengdu City next month. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of joining the MinerUpdate.com team. MinerUpdate.com is a media website focused on news and research in the world of crypto mining. 

After working for a number of media companies prior to this, I immediately knew there was something different about MinerUpdate.com. Instead of monetizing through advertisements which incentivizes quantity over quality, I could see the team were far more concerned about building up a reputation as a high-quality source of information and insights for businesses in the mining world.

The eyeballs equalling advertisement revenue model is certainly broken when it comes to reporting information. Instead of incentivising veracity of information and deep critical thinking, it incentivises journalists to capitalize on our tendency to be drawn to outrage and controversy. Furthermore, the advertisement model weighs the clickiness of content over its accuracy. Don’t take my word for it. Ryan Holiday draws upon years of media experience to highlight the flaws of the media business in his book Trust Me I’m Lying.

Global Mining Leaders Summit

The MinerUpdate.com team explored different avenues of revenue, ones which incentivise providing information that truly provides value. The first conference organised by MinerUpdate.com will take place next month in Chengdu City. 

Chengdu City is located in the heart of Sichuan, a province in China which is estimated to account for 50% of the global hash rate. It is really the perfect location to hold a mining conference and this conference is setting up to be unique in a number of ways:

  • First English mining conference to be held in China

  • There is no fee for attendance. The conference is invite-only and limited to 300 attendees

  • The event will gather the biggest mining business leaders from all major continents. The head of the biggest mining farm in the Sichuan region will be delivering a keynote while farms, brokers, and mining pools are also flying in globally to speak on our panels

  • The conference already has the biggest businesses in mining confirmed for attendance. BTC.com, Slush Pool, and Genesis Mining are just some of the attendees that have already confirmed

  • Some of the attendees will take a two-day trip to one of the largest mining farms in the Sichuan region

  • One of the organisers happens to have been born and raised in Chengdu City and has lined up events outside that will allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in Chengdu culture

Why Am I Telling You?

While the conference is limited to 300 and invite-only, there are still some spaces. Prospective attendees have been filling out eventbrite applications here but subscribers to my newsletter can feel free to inquire directly with me about attending the conference. The conference is certainly setting up to be an extremely valuable experience for all in attendance. There are no guarantees but we will be giving every attendance application consideration. There are also sponsorship packages available for companies who wish to get their brand in front of the biggest mining companies. You can find out more about the event and the speaking line-up on the website here. You can also expect future newsletters to cover some of the insights covered in the conference.

-John Lee

You can connect with MinerUpdate.com here:

Twitter: @MinerUpdate
Telegram: https://t.me/minerupdate
MinerSummit website: https://minersummit2019.com/

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